• Income Generation through Jewelry Making

    2010 to present

    Board member Leslie A. has donated hundreds of hours to time teaching and training multiple Myanmar and American folks how to make jewelry as a supplement to income generation.

  • Myanmar Storytellers Association – From the Third Story


    Founded in 2014, this group has created and produced a children’s book series in Burmese and multiple ethnic languages for distribution free of charge to over 80,000 children across the country. MCF helped publish 2500 copies in Mon and Kachin languages. There is a great need in the country to talk about peace, tolerance and diversity at all levels. Stories are written and illustrated by Myanmar authors and artists. For some children, receiving these books may be the first time they can read something in their native language.

  • Library Book Collections

    Nationwide government-issued curriculum materials in Myanmar are printed in black and white on newsprint paper – with few images or photos. MCF saw the need for student and teacher access to interesting reading materials, picture books, workbooks, dictionaries, printed cultural information about Myanmar, maps, puzzles, flash cards, word games, etc.

  • Teacher Corps

    2007 - Present

    Supports the salaries of teachers who work at rural Buddhist Monastic and Nunnery Schools, providing consistency in educational curriculum and articulation between grade levels.

  • City – Country Exchange

    Students and teachers from schools in Yangon visit country pupils at monastic schools in rural settings to experience a change of perspective, learn about Myanmar culture, share games, activities, bring donations, construct items that are needed.

  • School Nurse Training and Student Health Program

    Support for nutrition and hygiene programs at rural monastic schools, including distribution of vitamins and adding improved protein sources to the diet (such as duck eggs and fish). Training of school nurses (chosen from among local population) to evaluate and treat common health problems like scabies, ringworm, anemia, influenza, warts, bed bugs, anemia. Training on proper way to brush teeth and wash hands, etc.

  • Stay in School Program

    Sponsors the educational costs of rural children at-risk of dropping out of school because of their family’s financial situation. Pays for school supplies, books, pamphlets, book bag, umbrella, uniform and a small school fee.